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Welcome onboard to walk along the footsteps of Nature!


With over three decades of cumulative experience in Wildlife & Nature photography, Safari Monks is founded by three friends who share a common love for being outdoors!

We primarily conduct experiential wildlife trips, bespoke safaris and photography workshops in Indian sub-continent, Africa and Polar Europe regions. This being the current offering, we plan to add new locations & wildlife hotspots in due course

Our offerings vary from fixed date itineraries to fully customized safaris which bring in its fair share of luxury & exclusiveness. Our trips & itineraries are personally crafted to suit everyone.

Transparency, unparalleled safari experience, safety & knowledge sharing are core beliefs and the building stones on which Safari Monks is established on. We want to impart our knowledge of wildlife and photography to our guests with the hope that the love we have for our natural flora & fauna gets to you in a meaningful way.

Our aim is to continue to build the best and most agile experiential travel company in the world while continuing to impart our knowledge in the art of wildlife & nature photography change the way our guests see the natural world!


The brand name of Safari Monks isn’t a random phrase picker. It has been finalized through proper design thinking approach.

Our brand name is in analogy with the Monks as the world knows. A Monk signifies a person who has devoted his life to a particular philosophy and is often associated with in-depth knowledge & meaning of life. Drawing the analogy, we at Safari Monks are devoted in delivering world class wildlife experiential tours & services to our guests. We, the Monks are willing to guide you in every possible way; from planning your itinerary, managing the logistics, teaching you the art & science of photography till the last mile of actually leading your wildlife safari, so that you get an experience of a lifetime.

Our logo is a Lion in a Monk pose. His name is ‘Guru’. He’s the epitome of wildlife knowledge. There is nothing related to the wildlife & natural world that Guru is not aware of. Let Guru guide you in the path of divine light!

Why Travel with Us.

Mastering the art of perfect adventure for many years in the wild!

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Sustainable travel is the only way we travel. It minimises the negative impacts of tourism and is beneficial to the area in which it takes place. Safari Monks makes sure to find a way that our travel plans can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environment.

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We choose a few of the best locations in the world. We take you only to places which we have travelled many a time and believe you would fall in love with as well. Our itineraries are well researched and customised to give you the best experiences for the time you choose to spend with us.

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Your safety is most important to us. While we often venture on unchartered territories to explore a new place, our first endeavour is to ensure your safety. From the hotels we book, to the drivers who accompany us, to our guides, every thing is thoroughly checked to meet our safety standards.

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While our focus is on nature and wildlife trips, we understand that when you travel to a faraway land for a long duration, the trip is not complete without a savour of the local culture. So we have the options to include local heritage places and cultural events to make your trip complete.

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.


Here at Safari Monks, we take pride in putting you in the right place at the right time to maximise your wildlife encounters. This is at the heart of everything we do, at all levels of the business. Our team have worked and travelled across the globe, and together we have the requisite knowledge and experience to plan the perfect safari for you.

We just don't sell trips, we are Destination Specialists. We have all worked in the destinations that we specialise in, giving us an unparalleled insight into the workings of each individual destination, and more importantly, the wildlife within.

The trips we create are designed to bring you as close to the natural world as possible, no matter what it takes, while ensuring adequate safety. We craft itineraries that will leave you with unforgettable wildlife sightings, to ensure a truly unique journey into the extraordinary.


Meet the Team


Abhilash Kar

Abhilash is an alumnus of one of the best B-schools in India; SPJIMR, Mumbai. He’s an international award winner and has his works published and shared by many publications and brands namely BBC Earth, Nikon Asia, Sanctuary Asia, Government of Madhya Pradesh, etc.

His sense of photography is not just restricted to fine art portraits but also showcases the subjects in their natural wild habitat, his distinct style of image making has made him build a very strong organic social media following.

Though he has travelled to many places around the world to photograph myriads of rare & elusive species, he has a special place in his heart for Masai Mara in Kenya. The African sun & the grand vistas of the Savannah grasslands are his soft corners.

He believes that in order to be a good wildlife photographer, one has to be an admirer and protector of nature & wildlife first. Through his decade of experience in the field, he leads the Sales & Photo workshops for Safari Monks, where he guides & teaches participants the nuances of the art & science of wildlife photography.

You can know more about Abhilash & check out his work/prints by visiting his personal website (


Kirti Ranjan Nayak

Kirti Ranjan is a professional wildlife photographer from a small town of North Odisha, surrounded by beautiful hills and waterfalls. An ex-engineer by profession, he has worked with a few MNCs before quitting the IT profession and turning totally into the world of nature photography. He attributes his love for nature photography to the fascination that he had as he grew up living in the countryside.

He is fuelled by his passion for understanding the nuances of natural environment that accelerated his photographic skills. His hunger for knowledge and determination to give his pictures a great composition is evident in all his works. His work has been published in many national and international publications and his photos liked by National Geographic editors.

Travelled to almost every corner of the world for birds and animal species alike, he loves the polar regions and the Himalayas the most and polar bears and snow leopards being his favourite species. With many years of experience in field, he drives the operations for Safari Monks.

You can check out his photographs at: 

Tilak Raj

Tilak Raj

Tilakraj is a professional wildlife photographer from Nairobi, Kenya who hails from Bangalore, India. Being a Master in Business Administration, he was destined to the God gifted country- Kenya, to pursue his job as a Financial Consultant in the year 2002.

His all-time favourite wildlife destination is Masai Mara where he travels frequently. And more often one can find him at the Nairobi National Park, which is in his vicinity. Some of his notable works such as the “Lioness in the Rain” and “the cunning Jackal” have been published in the Africa Geographic and National Geographic online journals respectively. He is the winner of highly commended award from “Comedy Wildlife Photography Award 2019”. His capture of the iconic Elephant herd of Amboseli has been recognized as Best of Africa. Several other pictures have been nominated and are published which add as feathers to his cap.

Tilakraj has conducted a number of guided wildlife photography tours and manages African operations for Safari Monks. He designs and operates customized tour packages to explore African wildlife that covers Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia and Botswana.

You can find him at